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where we have redefined the art of grilling without oil. Yes, you have read it right! Our mission is to deliver exceptional flavours while prioritizing health-conscious choices. Besides, our diverse menu showcases a wide selection of kebabs catering to different tastes and preferences using only the freshest ingredients including lamb, chicken, beef, and even fish and chips. Our offerings promise a delightful culinary adventure by providing an array of authentic Persian side dishes, from fragrant saffron rice to yogurt dips and refreshing salads to complement our kebabs. After your meal, we will offer you the delightful experience of enjoying our saffron-based drinks and teas, accompanied by saffron candy. Join us and discover the tantalizing world of Persian Kebabs, where health and taste unite in harmony

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Unit 2 and 3,440 william Street Northbridge , Wa

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7 days a week
11 AM To 15 PM – 17 PM To 21 PM